Loads of Clothes, But Nothing to Wear? How to Narrow Down What Suits You

Posted on December 10 2018

Loads of Clothes, But Nothing to Wear? How to Narrow Down What Suits You

Do you own heaps of clothes, but have trouble finding anything to wear? If so, your eclectic fashion sense and lack of certainty about what suits you might present challenges. Plenty of women across the globe cram drawers and closets with mountains of garments. Their behavior doesn't necessarily stem from a love of clothing, though; it originates from the wish to look fabulous. However, their goal isn't supported with enough know-how. Women often don't buy clothes to matchtheir figure or items already hanging in their wardrobes, resulting in the build-up of incompatible styles. Does the story seem familiar? Here's how you can sort out your closet and put together outfits you love.



If your clothing fits, is in good condition, and might look good on you, don't throw it out. The truth, however, is probably somewhat different. Most women never wear some of their clothes for good reasons. The first step to uncovering apparel that helps you shine is to separate them from ghastly garments with flaws or other negative qualities.


Be ruthless. Just because you were given a horrible top by a well-meaning friend doesn't mean it deserves space in your wardrobe. Likewise, you might admire the pattern on a dress, but if it looks like a tablecloth when worn, you won't wear it, so unburden your closet. The same goes for the wrong size clothing and any garments that make you look or feel frumpy and unattractive.



Pile clothes into groups such as skirts, jackets, and so forth so you can assess them. Next, separate patterned and detailed garments, but keep them in piles relating to type. Once you've done so, you'll be in a position to judge what looks attractive on you and what goes together. You'll benefit from examining garment styles first.


Style assessment

Individual garments may or may not suit you depending on whether they are designed for your body shape. Puffed sleeves and shoulder pads, for instance, won't look great on you if you have broad shoulders. Similarly, if you can be described as apple-shaped, dresses with nipped in waists won't do your appearance any favors. Numerous internet articles, complete with illustrations, can be used if you need help to work out your shape and the clothing that balances your figure.


Give garments that are in good condition but don't suit you away. If you can't make up your mind about clothing, try it on and look in the mirror. What do you like or dislike about the item? If its fine qualities outweigh its negatives, consider not throwing it out. Still, ensure it doesn't break any of your private fashion rules.


Fashion rules

Everyone has specific ideas about what's fine for them to wear and what's not okay. For example, some women won't wear tops that don't cover their upper arms or bottom. Others dislike clothes that cling or are baggy. However, clothes that don't match their ideals end up in their wardrobes. Check remaining garments don't fall foul of your private fashion rules. If they do, give them the heave-ho.


Mix and match

By now, you have piles of clothing you want to keep and can address which items complement each other. Consider color, materials, and cut. If you want your clothes to look smart and expensive, for instance, match similar styles and materials when generating outfits. For a bohemian, creative appearance, though, compose outfits from clothing of various materials and styles. Experiment until you like what you see.


At the same time, bear in mind outfits made from a single color appear sleek and sophisticated, but those compiled from both bright and dark shades often aren't attractive. Play with colors until you notice which hinder or help your appearance. The next step is to put complete outfits on their own hangers.


Get outfits ready

If you don't put outfits in one place, you'll soon forget your discoveries and they will go to waste. The answer is to keep whole outfits together. Use substantial, appropriate hangers and select which clothes you want to wear during the coming week.


Once you've sifted through your clothes and thrown out apparel you will not wear, you'll breathe a sigh of relief. You'll be able to choose outfits that make you look and feel attractive with ease. Further, you won't make as many mistakes when purchasing new clothes in the future because you'll understand what suits you.

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